Anton Paar Monowave 450: Automated Microwave-assisted Extraction

Monowave 450 is a modern microwave reactor specially designed for microwave-assisted extractions in analytical laboratories. Its 24-position

Distek BIOne

Single-Use Bioreactor System

VELP Scientifica Oxidation Stability Reactor - OXITEST

Innovative solution, entirely controlled by the powerful OXISoft™, able to provide high quality, added value information concerning oxidative...

Parr Instrument Company Horizontal Reactors

Stirring biomass is not easy to do in a vertical reactor. A line of reactors has been developed by Parr Instrument Company to function horizontally

Parr Instrument Company 5400 Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors

Tubular reactors are always used in a continuous flow mode with reagents flowing in and products being removed. They can be the simplest of all

Parr Instrument Company Series 5000 Multiple Reactor System

The Parr Series 5000 Multiple Reactor System has been designed to provide an integrated system for running multiple reactions simultaneously and

Parr Instrument Company Series 2500 Micro Batch System

Parr Instrument Company is pleased to introduce our smallest ever family of stirred reactors, available in a number of configurations. With reactor

Parr Instrument Company Series 5500 HP Compact Reactors

All of the safety, convenience and reliability features which have been the hallmark of Parr pressure reaction equipment for more than 50 years have

Parr Instrument Company Series 5100 Glass Reactors

The Parr series 5100 Low Pressure Reactors are offered in response to users requests for:    A system for running reactions similar to

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