DeNovix Inc. DS-11 FX/DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer

Found In: Fluorescence Spectrophotometers , UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

DS-11 FX Series of Spectrometer / Fluorometers combine UV-Vis absorbance and fluorescence methods in one compact instrument.

Shimadzu LABNIRS

Found In: NIR Spectrophotometers

Just how the human brain functions remains one of the greatest unsolved puzzles. To solve this mystery, brain-function imaging for visualization of

METTLER TOLEDO FastTrack UV/VIS Excellence

Found In: UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

FastTrack™ UV/VIS technology integrates robust, state-of-the-art components into a unique spectroscopic system design. Thus, fast reliable

CRAIC Technologies 20/30 PV UV-Visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer

Found In: UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

The innovative 20/30 PV™ microspectrophotometer is the latest and most powerful instrument from CRAIC Technologies. Built to meet your

Shimadzu EDX-7000/8000 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Found In: Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

The EDX-7000/8000 series of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, incorporating a new high-performance semiconductor detector, provide

Rigaku Progeny X2

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

Progeny X2™ is a portable, Raman instrument that performs as two instruments in just one platform for enhanced comparative analysis.

Rigaku Progeny ResQ

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers

Progeny™ ResQ™ provides emergency responders, law enforcement agencies and the military with the industry’s most comprehensive chemical

Shimadzu RF-6000

Found In: Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

Striving for the Ultimate in Accuracy and Easy Operability

Rigaku CT Lab GX series

Found In: X-ray Diffraction

Stationary sample, high-speed X-ray CT scanner. Computed tomography (CT) for materials science

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M Series AA Spectrophotometer start up problem

What is the cause of displaying this message " the gas box is not fitted" eventhough the gasses are conected?

GBC Cintra 202 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer Trobleshooting

Our GBC Cintra 202 Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer have trouble taht it could not be start (the wavelength does not appear), so it just display...

spectrum 2 FTIR Spectra

Dear All,   Can i ask why the FTIR Peak shows positive peak that is grater than 100% of transmitance?  Is there any...

calibration fail 24 and 26 monochromator

lamda calibration read:fail24:monochromatorOr26:Monochromator

Alarm PXL

i am a Research scholar and also i am the operator ofRigaku miniflex 600. while doing ageing, alarm sound came from the instrument and it shows...

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