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Pace Analytical
Pace Analytical

Pace Analytical Services, Inc. is a privately held, industry-leading sampling and analytical testing firm. Pace provides analytical lab solutions for testing, staffing and equipment, with a wide scope of services.

Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich Titan

Found In: UHPLC Columns

Titan delivers leading UHPLC column performance, at half the cost

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm CO50

Found In: HPLC Accessories

The CO50 has a temperature range from 4.0°C to 100.0°C readable and settable to 0.1°C.


Found In: Autosamplers

HT4000L is an HPLC autosampler for high presise injection into HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS and IC systems.

Thermo Fisher Scientific GlycanPac AXR-1

Found In: HPLC Columns

Exceptional Glycan Selectivity with Industry-Leading Resolution    Ultra-high resolution and selectivity of glycans are attributed to the

Phenomenex Kinetex Biphenyl

Found In: HPLC Columns

With incredible core-shell and selectivity benefits, the Kinetex Biphenyl was truly designed to be your new go-to reversed phase column.

HTA HT310L AutoSampler

Found In: Autosamplers

HT310L is a cost-effective HPLC autosampler, that offers automation for processing up to 10 unattended samples. By its competitive pricing is the

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Nexera method scouting

Found In: UHPLC Systems

Method scouting is a process where different mobile phases and column stationary phases are evaluated to determine the best set of separation conditio

Waters ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System

Found In: HPLC Systems

The ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System delivers the most robust, reliable, and highest quality nano- to microscale UPLC separations to every laboratory perfo

Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution

Found In: HPLC Systems

Infinitely Better Technologies Agilent 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution is one of a wave of innovative Agilent technologies

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Software support

The Omnion software is extremely buggy. Why haven't the developers updated the software since 2010?For the amount of money an instrument like this...

limit pressure for Akta purifier 10

What's the limit pressure for Akta purifier 10?  Is it possible to run HPLC column with the maxium pressure of 14.7MPa on the Akta purifier...

LC scl-10A vp

Hello , I have the problem with connecting between my modul "system controler" and "PC". The PC autoconfigurator shows me, that the problem is in...

Which LC MS system for food/environmental contaminants?

I have little experience with separations and analytical instruments, but I want to build a lab to quantify trace amounts of  residues from...

HPLC Software problem

We have an HPLC (Varian) 920LC equipment in the lab. It was initaily installed as stand alone,but was later shifted to the network. This has...

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