HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Phenomenex Yarra SEC-X150

Found In: HPLC Columns

New Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X150 with bio-inert hardware allows for exceptional separation power for both low and high MW biomolecules, fast GFC/SEC methods,

Cecil Instruments Adept HPLC

Found In: HPLC Systems

Whatever your HPLC requirements, Adept HPLC will provide great value plus more.        Because the systems are modular, different

Thermo Scientific Prelude LX-4 MD™ HPLC

Found In: HPLC Systems

Designed to help you meet your daily demands, the Thermo Scientific™ Prelude LX-4 MD™ HPLC Class I medical device, offers consistent

Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex UHPLC

Found In: UHPLC Systems

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system was built around the column and the user.

Torrey Pines Scientific EchoTherm™ Model CO50

Found In: Column Ovens

The CO50 Chilling/Heating HPLC Column Oven offers the reliability of a completely solid-state system.

Shimadzu AOC-6000

Found In: Autosamplers

The AOC-6000 is capable of exchanging syringe modules automatically. Simply choose the injection and the AOC will pick the appropriate syringe.

Gilson PLC Purification Systems

Found In: Preparative HPLC

Gilson's Personal Liquid Chromatography (PLC) systems will simplify and streamline compound purification for your lab - accelerating your research.

Gilson 157/159 UV-VIS Detectors

Found In: UV/VIS Detector

Flexible monitoring of your HPLC run with up to four wavelengths simultaneously.

Gilson 402 Syringe Pump

Found In: Low Pressure Gradient

Available in both single and multiple syringe configurations, the 402 Syringe Pump allows systems to deliver both large and small volumes.

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verifying the detector

Following the instructions for this in the manual, I set the temp to 35deg, then allow to equilibrate for 3 hours, base range set at 200, filter time...

Error Message

I am running 2 channels on a Quickchem 8500 Series 2. Every time I use channel2 I get "Omnion2kSvr has encountered a problem and must close"...

Can be used for organic liquid

Hi, I just want to ask if I can use some organic liquid such as Toluene or DCM inside? Thanks,  

EZchrom littel 3.2.1

I need Instrument driverfor EZchrom little 3.2.1 hop you can help

HPLC liquid chromatograph LC-10 AD user guide in english

HPLC liquid chromatograph LC-10 AD user guide in English I have it but in Japanese so please can you provide me with English one? Thanks

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