METTLER TOLEDO MS-TS Precision Balances

Found In: Balances

METTLER TOLEDO's MS balances fit the bill. These robust balances incorporate advanced security features so that you know you can trust your results.

Rigaku NEX QC+ QuantEZ

Found In: Elemental Analyzers

High performance benchtop EDXRF spectrometer with Windows® software. High resolution elemental analysis of Na through U

Hach Company BioTector B7000

Found In: TOC Analyzers

Maximum Uptime and Reliability: Any Application, Any Condition

Micromeritics MicroActive Share™

Found In: Software

The software allows users to interactively evaluate adsorption data from Micromeritics ASAP® and 3 FLEX® gas adsorption instruments. Users can easily

Hach Company TitraLab® AT1000 Series

Found In: Titrators

Potentiometric Titrator, 1 Burette. Automatic titration without all the complications.

Bruker Corporation InsightMR

Found In: Software

Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control for Process Monitoring

Horizon GENASSIST™ CRISPR & rAAV Genome Editing Tools

Found In: Software

Successful CRISPR genome editing relies on the quality of the gRNA design, and that requires the best bioinformatic software. gUIDEbook™ from

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I am trying to install a new printer on the T90 and keep getting the error message that the printer is not plugged in.

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Hi everybody, last week, we extracted some sediment samples with miliQ water as a solvent (100°C, three cycles, each five minutes). We used...

on the quotation and pruchase procedure of Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit in China

Hello, i am jack in shanghai, PR china, and our lab would like to purchase a Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit for RD use, i wonder how to buy it and the...

Lost all programs MARS5 CEM

The system was left off for about a month. Upon powering up this morning, we found that all of our programs were gone. The system worked well the...


Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly inform me with the costs of an AutoAnalyser for measurement of serum calcium concentrations? My email...

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