EPPENDORF epMotion 5075l systems

Found In: Sample Preparation

The epMotion 5075l is the perfect solution for more complex pipetting tasks. It offers the same precision and accuracy as the epMotion 5070, making


Found In: Chemistry Analyzers

The EZ-ZONE® RM controller simplifies thermal system management. The EZ-ZONE RM integrated controller family is comprised of six module types.

BioTek Gen5

Found In: Software

Gen5 Data Analysis Software

Rigol MSO1000Z Series

Found In: Oscilloscopes

The new economic level Digital Oscilloscope from Rigol withinnovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions.

Rigol MSO2000A Series

Found In: Oscilloscopes

The MSO2000A is a fast and versatile scope covering frequencies up to 300 MHz with two channels and a wide vertical range (500uV/div-10V/div)

Electrothermal MH8517 Paraffin Section Flotation Bath

Found In: Sample Preparation

The NEW Paraffin Section Flotation Bath is designed to assist with the handling of paraffin wax samples in histology and pathology laboratories.

Omega Wireless RTD Temperature Data Logger with Display

Found In: Data Systems

The OM-CP-RFRTDTEMP2000A is an RTD-based, wireless precision temperature data logger with display.

BioTek LHC

Found In: Software

Liquid Handling Control Software


Found In: Calorimeters

The heart of a TGA is the balance cell. Our TGA instruments use the world’s best micro and ultra-micro balances

Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX5

Found In: Software

Rapidly perform high content imaging assays with the affordable, compact Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS)

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