O. I. Analytical
O. I. Analytical


Instrument Specialists Inc. TMA 800

Found In: Thermomechanical Analysis

The TMA 800 is based on the proven vertical performance design utilizing an Oil Float Suspension System.

CRAIC Technologies FilmPro™ Film Thickness Measurement Software

Found In: Software

CRAIC Technologies™ has developed CRAIC FILMPRO™ software for you to use with CRAIC instruments.

Sartorius YDP 30 Printer

Found In: Balances

Sartorius YDP30 thermal transfer printer works with Practum, Quintix, Secura, MA37 and MA160 balances.

Shimadzu Smart Database Series

Found In: Software

The Smart Database Series is a collection of databases designed to help the user create MRM methods for GC-MS/MS easily and automatically.

Malvern Instruments Viscosizer TD

Found In: Viscometers

Malvern Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis

Malvern Instruments Zetasizer WT

Found In: Particle Size Analyzers

The Malvern Zetasizer series measures particle and molecule size from below a nanometer to several microns using dynamic light scattering, zeta

Lexogen Mix2 Software

Found In: Software

Mix² software yields transcript concentration estimates from RNA-Seq data.

Thermo Fisher Scientific ProteinCenter

Found In: Software

ProteinCenter enables filtering, clustering and statistical bioinformatics analysis utilizing a regularly updated, consolidated protein sequence datab

Thermo Fisher Scientific Xcalibur™ Software

Found In: Software

Control, and process data from, Thermo Scientific™ LC-MS systems and related instruments with easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™

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O. I. Analytical
O. I. Analytical

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Particle Size Reading Too High

Hello, we have a Horiba LA-910 that started reading the PSD about twice as big as it should. For example, it reads a 125nm duke STD at 300nm. Any...

Oxygen leak

Hi all,i had high results for Nitrogen in my Leco CNS2000 and according to the diagnostic test for combustion there is a leak somewhere in this...

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We have a Labwave 9000 Analyzer, we are receiving a Thermal Overload error. What does this mean? What would be causing this? How do We resolve the...

System Test Error

During start up my Biotek Synergy4 Plate Reader will fail due to error code 0B12 (Hole not found in Excitation Filter Wheel. Verify filter wheels...

instruction manual

balance no longer made ... is there a manual i can download??thanx ... jd

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O. I. Analytical
O. I. Analytical