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VistaLab Technologies Ovation M

Found In: Pipettes

The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory.

Phenomenex CRM

Found In: Universal Testing Machines

Phenova® Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) offer A New Standard of Confidence for environmental testing.

Asynt DrySyn MULTI-M

Found In: Hot Plates

The DrySyn MULTI-M converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for 3 flasks of 10ml - 250ml, or up to 12 vials. Its modular system

FLIR Systems Inc Axx-Series

Found In: Miscellaneous

The FLIR Axx-Series is the perfect solution for applications that require the benefits of a thermal image but don't need exact temperature measurement

Air Science Purair SKY-24

Found In: Fume Hoods

The Purair SKY ceiling mounted filtration units are designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment.

KNF Neuberger RC 900

Found In: Rotary

Designed for everyday use, and tailored to practical needs. The RC 900 makes rotary evaporation far simpler and safer. Reliability, operational safety


Found In: Fume Hoods

Mystaire® ductless fume hoods are self-contained, filtered enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapors and particles.

GeneVac EZ-2 Elite Centrifugal Evaporator

Found In: Centrifugal

The third generation of the EZ-2 Series is the pinnacle of parallel evaporation that draws on the expertise of Genevacs' engineers.

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Performance data information

How can I find the performance data for the SubZero 32; model # ZPS-32-6sct/ac?

Will not dispense water

The unit is full pressure is correct all the correct lights are on, however it is only not dispensing water.

help needed for Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Microplate Orbital Shaker

Hello Experts, We had an old titer plate shaker (model number 4625) and did not have the mannual. right now, i need to use it for the bacteria...

VWR 1535 glass door

Looking for a source to buy a replacement glass door for our VWR 1535 incubator.

Mother Board and 2-wire harness for Marathon 3000

Our Marathon 3000 centrifuge needs a new Mother Board and the 2-wire harness from the lid safety switch to the Mother Board. Do you have these parts...

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