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VistaLab Technologies Ovation M

Found In: Pipettes

The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory.

Porvair Sciences Ultravap Levante

Found In: Other

The Ultravap LevanteTM is the latest in Porvair Sciences’ popular series of nitrogen blow-down sample concentrators and evaporators. Using technology

Julabo Corio

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

Another milestone in a longstanding tradition

EPPENDORF Reference® 2

Found In: Pipettes

The name >>Reference<< stands for extraordinary precision and accuracy, a long service lifes and an ergonomic design. The new Reference 2 boasts

Asynt Smart Evaporator

Found In: Other

Utilising a patented vacuum-assisted vortex concentration technology, the Smart Evaporator sets a new standard for labs tasked with drying sample tube

Union Process HD-01/HDDM-01 Combination Lab Attritor

Found In: Mills and Grinders

For customers who require the ability to process both fine and coarse material and/or want to perform multiple-stage grinding, the Union Process

Fluidigm Corporation Callisto System

Found In: General Purpose Incubator

Introducing Callisto™, the industry-first platform that lets you design, optimize and execute multistage, long-term protocols with a few taps.

tecaLAB ICE-STIR Stirring Electric Ice Bucket

Found In: Magnetic Stirrers

The Stirring Electric Ice Bucket, ICE-STIR, is a bench top product that cools vessels below ambient temperature

Thermo Fisher Scientific Benchtop Centrifuge App

Found In: Apps

Thermo Scientific has designed an app to help researchers select the general purpose benchtop centrifuge package best suited to their application

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