Basic Laboratory

VistaLab Technologies Ovation M

Found In: Pipettes

The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory.

FLIR Systems Inc T650sc Thermal Camera

Found In: Miscellaneous

Highest sensitivity and most advanced feature set available on portable cameras.

Thermo Scientific MiniFlex

Found In: Lab Pumps

Easy-load pump technology in a compact, high-performance package

Coulbourn Instruments SINGLE LANE TREADMILL, RAT

Found In: Animal Research Equipment

Our treadmills feature adjustable speed (up to 150 cm/s) and slope (from -25 to +25 degrees), enabling forced exercise training and accurate testing

Radley Starfish

Found In: Miscellaneous

StarFish is a modular, general purpose heating and stirring work station designed to fit on all leading brands of stirring hotplate.

Heidolph North America Distimatic

Found In: Other

For unattended and continuous use – including automatic drainage of residue

Beckman Coulter Avanti JXN-26

Found In: Centrifuge

Simply Get Results with Avanti JXN-26 High Performance Centrifuge

Scientific Plastics Inc. Carboy Contain

Found In: Shelves

Designed to hold carboys up to 4 liters; and a one designed to accommodate carboys up to 20 liters. Each size can hold two carboys, side by side. Up

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