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VistaLab Technologies Ovation M

Found In: Pipettes

The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory.

Thermo Fisher Scientific My Pipette Creator

Found In: Apps

Revolutionize the way you pipette with a new web-based pipetting app available in Thermo Fisher Cloud.

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Zebra RH 0003 - 0021 B

Found In: Vacuum Pumps

Zebra – reliable medium vacuum for demanding applications in industry and research.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Decappers 500/550

Found In: Packaging Equipment

The Thermo Scientific™ Decapper 500 provides automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ and Thermo

BUCHI Corporation Rotavapor® R-220 Pro

Found In: Rotary

The new Rotavapor R-220 Pro meets the bahllenging needs of scale-up and production laboratories for evaporation, concentration and drying.

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User / service manual ?

Dear all, I have received this equipment as a donation to be repaired, since it shows the "check system" error. I cannot find the user...

temperature RTD replacement

Is the current temperature sensor electrically the same as the earlier models? Eppendorf no longer has the original part number.

Kc Labrador Puppies

What's more, less expensive little dogs aren't really the deal they appear. In the event that you haven't found your Labrador Retriever...

Oil in Chamber

I'm getting oil build up in the bottom of the refrigerated chamber on my RC-5B, not sure where it could be coming from. Any help would great, never...

service manual for 8510R

anyone have a service manual for 8510R

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