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Phenom-World ProX Desktop SEM
Phenom-World ProX Desktop SEM

The Phenom ProX desktop scanning electron microscope is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system.

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Tescan RISE Microscope

Found In: Electron Microscopes

Correlative Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy World's first fully-integrated Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscope

Applied Scientific Instrumentation Fiber-Coupled Laser Scanner

Found In: Microscope Accessories

The Fiber-Coupled Laser Scanner is a compact and versatile 2D galvo unit originally designed for generating SPIM light sheets.

Thermo Scientific DXRi Raman

Found In: Raman Spectrophotometers , Microscope Cameras and Imaging

An easy-to-use device that will enable scientists, engineers and academics to produce and analyze stunning images without learning a new technique.

Leica Microsystems DCM8

Found In: Confocal Microscopes , Upright Microscopes

The latest evolution in non-contact 3D optical surface metrology.

Hitachi SU3500

Found In: Electron Microscopes

Features optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and analytical performance.

JPK Instruments NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM

Found In: AFM - Atomic Force Microscope

True atomic resolution and fast scanning in the most flexible AFM system. Performance made in Germany.


Found In: Electron Microscopes

The JSM-IT300LV is the latest addition to JEOL's popular series of tungsten/LaB6 low vacuum SEMs.

Artemis CCD Cameras VS range TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras

Found In: Microscope Cameras and Imaging

The VS Range of TE cooled Artemis CCD Cameras® has been created with the OEM and microscopy user in mind.

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fluorescent Hg bulb

Technical documentation for jsm 840 sem

I attempting a diagnostice restart of a JSM 840.  When I emailed  JOEL sales engineer to attempt to purchase technical infomation I...

Microscope Parts

Hello I was wondering if you could possibly tell me where I can find parts for this particular microscope? Thank you.

Max current loading on probe

Up to which current a 100 nm SiN-window works without temperature overload and finally crack?

Filter Adjustment

Dear Experts Iºm a user of JEOL 2200 FS with omega filter. I would appreciate someone tells me to do EELS in TEM Mode ( at high...

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