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SPEX SamplePrep 6770 Freezer/Mill®
SPEX SamplePrep 2010 Geno/Grinder®

High-throughput plant & tissue homogenizer. Specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis and tissue homogenization.

Molecular Devices ScanLater Western Blot Detection Platform
Molecular Devices ScanLater Western Blot Detection Platform

The ScanLater™ Western Blot Detection System enables first-of-its-kind western blot membrane detection in a multi-mode microplate reader platform. Leveraging a user-installable cartridge with optimized reagents, researchers can turn the SpectraMax® i3 or Paradigm Multi-mode Platform into a western blot detection system in minutes…

Distek sensIR 3200

Found In: Dissolution Testing

"Bathless" Tablet Disintegration Testing

ACEA Biosciences NovoCyte flow cytometer.

Found In: Flow Cytometers

NovoCyte, the New Star of Benchtop Flow Cytometry - Exceptional Performance at a Low Investment Cost

Promega Maxwell 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit

Found In: DNA / RNA Purification

The Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit is designed to extract RNA rapidly from FFPE samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument

Porvair Sciences Silicone double O-ring cap mats

Found In: Microplates

New silicone cap mats for its range of 2ml deep well storage blocks. Incorporating a novel double O-ring feature - the new silicone cap mats ensure a

Integra Biosciences 96 and 384 Well Reservoirs

Found In: Microplates

Reagent Reservoirs 96 and 384 - economically and environmentally friendly

GE Healthcare Amersham Imager 600 Series

Found In: Molecular Imaging , Imaging Systems

A sensitive and robust chemiluminescence imager for high-resolution digital imaging of protein and DNA samples in gels and membranes.

EMD Millipore guava easyCyte 12 flow cytometry system

Found In: Flow Cytometers

Our microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain.

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Questions for Biotechnology

Rubidium-86 in LS 3801--Thanks

Does anyone know the program detail for Rubidium-86 in LS 3801? Many thanks!

Won't calibrate

Counter won't calibrate with C14. Tried replacing high voltage board and main board without sucess. Any suggestions?

Failed reactions with ABI 3730/373xl

My samples failed two times what might be the cause of that. Is it the array or someting else.

Service Manual

Does anyone have a service manual for a Roche Lightcycler 480 please?

AMBR System questions

Hi We are currently using an AMBR microscale bioreactor system.  I am seeing lots of variability between duplicate bioreactors within the...

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Moluclar Devices
Moluclar Devices