A & E Lab AE-AA500

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer AE-AA500

Buck Scientific 210VGP/220 Graphite furnace

This fully integrated design uses an innovative, unique technology in a compact powerful furnace module.

Buck Scientific Accusys 211

The next evolution of the highly successful Buck 210-VGP

PerkinElmer AAnalyst 700

The AAnalyst™ 700 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer offers productivity enhancing features for flame and furnace atomic absorption.

Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 Series

All iCE 3000 Series spectrometers are completely automatic with full element capability. Control is via a data station running Thermo Scientific iCE

Series Models: iCE 3300, iCE 3400, iCE 3500

PerkinElmer AAnalyst 400

The AAnalyst 400 provides a no-compromise approach to Atomic Absorption—from sample introduction to results.

Shimadzu AA-6800

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Questions for Atomic Absorption


All my calcium results are low on the AA 200. Please advise.


Saludos, mi nombre es Nathaly, trabajo con un AAnalyst 400 y el tecnico me indico que se debe cambiar el e-box, favor como se sabe si este funcionara...

Hollow Cathode Lamp

Hello, I was wondering if this systems uses coded hollow cathode lamps? Best regards, Carl

AAnalyst 200

What does a new one cost and what is a 7 year old one worth 

Very Low PMT intensity

I have AAS Thermo S Series (semi-auto version of M series). Even after Auto-alignment of HCL beam, error message comes 'low beam intensity'...

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