Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

HORIBA iRiS 4.2 MP Scientific CMOS

Also found In: , Microscope Cameras and Imaging

The iRiS is a 4.2 Megapixel Scientific CMOS camera. The 2048x2048 sensor size enables a large field of view and ultimate image resolution.


Also found In: , Microscope Cameras and Imaging

The AToR EMCCD is a scientific interline EMCCD camera

HORIBA QuantaMaster 8000

Simply the most sensitive and versatile benchtop steady state research fluorometers on the market

HORIBA Nanolog

Our modular Nanolog Spectrofluorometer is specifically designed for research in nanotechnology and namomaterials

HORIBA FluoroMax

Steady State and Lifetime Bench-top Spectrofluorometer

HORIBA Fluorescence spectrophotometer FluoroMax-4

FluoroMax-4 is a practical high-performance fluorescence spectrophotometer that combines high sensitivity and high speed scanning.

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Questions for Fluorescence Spectrophotometers

EDX 7000/8000

EDX-7000/8000 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Price? Our laboratory is a mineral testing laborairy.

printer paper for Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

where can we buy  printer paper for Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer? Thanks Huamei

software re-installed, configuration issue

QuantaMaster 400. The issue is the hard drive died, so I had to reinstall the software (FelixGX). When I try to acquire spectra, the results don'...

Shimatzu 1501 SpectroflouroPhotometre

hell ,   Are some body has the service manual of this unit. Could somebody help me to resolve its problem. Its display is not...

What is the Calibration procedure for the f-2500?

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