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In situ reaction monitoring is an essential step in the chemical synthesis process. Intended for laboratories and pilot plants, the MB-Rx Reaction Monitor provides chemists with direct access to real-time experiment data...

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Syrris Atlas Cryo Reactor

The Atlas Cryo Reactor is a high performance, ultra cold cooling module for round bottom flasks.

ABB MB3600-CH80

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Packaging Analyzer


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MB3600-PH FT-NIR Spectrometer for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ABB MB3600-CH40

Also found In: , NIR Spectrophotometers

FT-NIR Solids Analyzer designed for Powders, Pellets, Grains and Agrochemicals


FT-IR Spectrometer for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Anasys Instruments nanoIR2

Introducing nanoIR 2TM now with top side illumination


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for real-time monitoring of continuous flow chemistry

JASCO VIR-100/200/300 Series

Portable FTIR Systems - VIR-100/200/300 Series

Series Models: VIR-100, VIR-200, VIR-300

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FTIR Perkin Elmer spectrometer - Error message during startup: "Initializing tilt table Intermittent direction error"

I have a Perkin Elmer 2000 FTIR-spectrometer that has been standing for a while. During startup the following error message is displayed: "...

FTIR Laser replacement

Recently a laser in my FTIR spectrometer (Frontier from PerkinElmer, nr. L1200253) went down and I need it replaced. I see that the replacement laser...

FT-IR Spectrophotometer Noise

Hi I have a big problem with our FTIR Spectroscopy instrument. I get extremely high noise with transmission measurements. it even appears on...

Which FTIR to purchse?

I am purchasing a new FTIR for our teaching lab and am stuck between the Perkin Elmer Spectrum2 (with Spectrum 10 software) and the Shimadzu...

FTIR Cary 630 calibration

I have a Agilent Varian Cary 630 FTIR ATR version. Would like to know how to check wavelength / wavenumber calibration. What material can be...

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