Bruker Optics Anasys nanoIR3

True, model free nanoscale IR absorption spectroscopy

Bruker Optics SIGIS 2

Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System  SIGIS 2 allows identification, quantification, and visualization of potentially hazardous gas clouds from

Bruker Optics EM27/SUN

The new EM27/SUN Series spectrometers represent FTIR Remote Sensing analyzers dedicated for atmospheric measurements. They quantify gases such as

Bruker Optics EM 27 Open Path Spectrometer

The environmental monitoring system EM27 is an open path Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, designed and optimized for remote sensing of

Bruker Optics GLOBULYSER Homogenizer Efficiency Analyzer

The GLOBULYSER for testing homogenizer efficiency is an easy-to-use “stand alone” analyzer for the determination of the mean fat globule size in milk

Bruker Optics MIRA Infrared (IR) Milk Analyzer

Bruker developed the MIRA - a pre-calibrated, high precision IR milk analyzer - for the needs of today’s dairy industry. The system offers a

Buck Scientific Buck M530 Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer

The Buck Scientific Model 530 IR is a dispersive infrared spectrophotometer which scans like a UV/Vis Spectrophotometer in the mid-infrared region

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cuanto vale $$$$

20D+ digital spectrophotometer Milton Roy 333183 manual

My manual got wet in the lab and the pages stuck together.  Where can i get a copy of one?

how to use

hello. we have a milton roy d20 from before years but we havent its catalog. can help me to know how to use it?

milton roy company spectronic 20d

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Mohammed Abdel-Fattah from Assiut co. for Water and Waste Water, Egypt.   We have a "milton roy company...

Background scan error

An error occurred whilst initiating the background scan. If the problem persists please robbot PC and restart the instrument.   So...

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