Agilent Technologies 6495B Triple Quadrupole

Found In: LC-Triple Quad

Get the day-to-day reliability and analytical sensitivity that your workflow demands

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Found In: LC-Ion Trap

Identify, quantify and confirm more compounds rapidly and with confidence using the Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Hybrid

SCIEX Lipidyzer

Found In: LC-TOF MS

The new Lipidyzer™ Platform enables you to rapidly and accurately differentiate and quantitate over a thousand lipid species

Shimadzu LCMS-8060

Found In: LC-Tandem MS

The LCMS-8060 is a ground breaking innovation in mass spectrometry helping to transform LC/MS/MS data quality by developing a new vision.

Waters Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer

Found In: LC-TOF MS

The Waters® Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer, a bench-top tandem mass spectrometer featuring ion mobility and REIMS Research System.

Waters REIMS Research System with iKnife Sampling

Found In: LC-TOF MS

REIMS Research System with iKnife for Direct Sampling. Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS)

PerkinElmer Flexar SQ 300 MS

The ideal detection solution for analysts seeking a fast, accurate and powerful analytical system.

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™

Found In: LC-Single Quad MS

Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer  Meet your most challenging biological research objectives using the Thermo

Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis™

Found In: LC-Triple Quad

TSQ Altis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer    Address the most stringent analytical challenges for targeted quantitation

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Hi all, My GC-MS instrument (Agilent 7000) shows the following error at 20-30 minutes after beginning run: "QQQ Fault Detected: 3.12...

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Thanks to the posts and infos in 5975C Series GC/MSD Q&A I was able to fix the problem with our Agilent G6100 series Quadrupole (G6110A). Hope I...

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Hello Everyone! we have lcms2020.but there is a little issue.can anyone help me ? i need wiring details of ms. (connections with other...


I am trying to execute an autotune using the syringe pump. However, there is no mist spray from the needle. I have checked for blockage in the line...

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