Bruker Corporation SampleJet

Modern day industry standard for sample arrangements

Bruker Corporation Fourier 300

The Fourier 300 brings NMR within everyone’s reach.

Bruker Corporation DRX 500

Unshielded Bruker Avance 500 MHz 2-channel broadband NMR Spectrometer

Bruker Corporation Fourier 300 HD

Entry level, two-channel NMR system for proton and carbon operation

Bruker Corporation AVANCE III NanoBay

The new Avance™III NanoBay is the most highly integrated NMR spectrometer.

Bruker Corporation AVANCE-IVDr

High Throughput NMR for Development and Validation of High-Quality and Cost-Effective IVD-by-NMR and Clinical Screening Assays

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Questions for NMR Spectrophotometers

Repair services

Is their a service company that repairs in the field for these tools.



problem with transmission part

i have a problem with varian cary 500 spctrophotometer the transmission  part not work but the reflactance part is ok

Picospin 80

Hello, I have no experience in NMR spectrometry. My spectrometer can not get any spectra, does it need specific solvent, such as deiterated solvents...

Fails Photometric noise test in diagnostics

Has a cause for failing the noise diagnostic been found?

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