Agilent Technologies Resolve – Through-Barrier Handheld Detection

Providing a revolutionary new capability in handheld detection, the Resolve system enables rapid detection and identification of explosives,

Agilent Technologies TRS100 – Quantitative Pharmaceutical Analysis

The TRS100 enables fast, easy to use whole tablet or capsule assay & polymorph analysis for pharmaceutical QC testing. Easier to implement than other

Agilent Technologies RapID - Portable Raw Material ID Verification

The RapID system is the next generation in portable Raman raw materials ID verification, extending high-throughput spectroscopic analysis through

Agilent Technologies Cobalt Insight200M - The Bottle Screener for Liquid, Aerosols & Gels

The Cobalt Insight200M is the latest liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) from Agilent, screening all common container types with the lowest

Agilent Technologies Cobalt Insight100 Series

Cobalt Insight100 and Insight100M systems are widely deployed at EU airports, providing exceptional detection with an ultra low false alarm rate for

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Questions for Raman Spectrophotometers

installation disc

Do you have the installation disc for this instrument which contains the configuration files?

How to find out if the laser is working

Hi, I was wondering how can I make sure if the laser is operating properly? Thanks a lot,

software to instrument control and data aquisition

Dears, I need urgently the software Rbase to raman system 2001 785 nm from ocen optics. Can you give a help I can to buy the Rbase for Windows XP...

Portable Raman to support plastic extrusion work

Could the DeltaNu Handheld Raman Probe be used for quick, real-time, on-the-field (pilot plant, manufacturing facilities) monitoring of plastic...

Handheld RAMAN

I appreciate if you can help me with my question that is if the device is capable of performing through non-transparent plastic bags, typically...

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