Scinco NEOSYS-2000

Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer    Highest Spectral Bandwidth in its Class and Variable Bandwidth Available    The advanced

Scinco Nano-MD

Nano-MD is a versatile UV-Vis Spectrophotometer of a new concept providing both life science measurement mode and general standard measurement mode.

Scinco Mega-2100

Mega-2100 is a great choice for those who need a bench-top UV-Vis instrument for research as well as QC/QA routine analysis.

Scinco Mega Array

The SCINCO Mega Array spectrophotometer provides the ideal performance and fits for quality control and assurance measurements. This

Scinco S-3100

The PDA Spectrophotometer has a multi-channel detector controlled by a microprocessor which collects spectral data for several wavelengths

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