Hitachi UV-Visible Spectrophotometer | U-5100 Ratio-Beam

Eco-friendly and high-performance, the U-5100 is the best choice for a wide range of applications from teaching and routine QC to biotech and

Hitachi UV-Visible Spectrophotometers | U-2900/U-2910 Double-Beam

A UV-Visible double-beam spectroscopy system for biotechnological applications measuring small sample volumes.

Hitachi UV-Visible Spectrophotometers | U-3900/3900H Research-Grade

Comprehensive double-beam, single/double-monochromator systems to serve a variety of analytical needs in the fields of basic research, biotechnology,

Hitachi UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometers | UH4150

Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

Advanced Solid-Phase Spectrophotometry: The ideal system for measuring optical materials and large samples.

Hitachi U-1100

Optics: Seya-Namioka mount monochromator, Ration beam principle.  Wavelength range: 200 - 1100 nm.  Spektral bandwidth: 5 nm. 

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