B&W Tek Exemplar Plus

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The Exemplar Plus is a high performance smart spectrometer that features a highly sensitive TE Cooled back-thinned (BT) CCD detector.

B&W Tek Exemplar LS

The Exemplar® LS is a smart CCD spectrometer that features on board data processing, USB 3.0 communication, and temperature compensation.

B&W Tek Glacier X

Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

The Glacier X is the smallest TE cooled spectrometer on the market, making it the perfect solution for applications. .

B&W Tek i-Spec™ Series

i-Spec™ series products are diffuse transmittance/reflectance spectrophotometers for bench-top as well as portable uses.

Series Models: BWS005, BWS015, BWS025, BWS035

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