Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

V-660 Series Spectrophotometers


Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

V-670 Series Spectrophotometers

JASCO V-630Bio

Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

V-630 Bio Series Spectrophotometers


Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

The V-630 is an economical, general-purpose instrument with a compact design to save bench space.

JASCO UV-2070/2075

UV-2070/75 Intelligent UV/Vis Detectors

Series Models: UV-2070, UV-2075

JASCO P-2000

Also found In: , Polarimeters

P-2000 Series Automatic Digital Polarimeter; Unlike any Other

JASCO MSV-300 Series

Provides transmittance/reflectance measurements of microscopic sample sites for a wide range of wavelengths, from the ultraviolet to the near infrared

Series Models: MSV-350, MSV-370

JASCO NFS-200/300 Series

NFS-200 / 300 Near-Field Spectrometer

Series Models: NFS-210, NFS-310, NFS-220, NFS-230, NSF-330


Jasco V-530 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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Greetings I request operational manual for Perkin Elmer lambda 9/19 uv/vis/nir spectrophotometer Kind

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