Olis Aminco™ DW-2 & DW-2000

This original spectrophotometer for working on P450, mitochondria, plant and tissue suspensions, and other scattering samples, was developed decades

Olis RSM 1000

The rapid-scanning monochromator is a double grating system for stray light rejection and true spectra acquisition (not difference spectra).

Olis DSM 1000

The Olis DSM 1000 Spectrophotometer far UV to visible, extendible to NIR

Olis DSM 20

Also found In: NIR Spectrophotometers ,

The Olis DSM 20 CD Spectrophotometer far UV and visible

Olis DSM 17

Also found In: Circular Dichroism ,

Olis DSM 17 CD - UV, visible, extendible to NIR

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