PERSEE T3/T3M Portable Vis Spectrophotometer

The T3 portable spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology.         This highly compact

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 1000

The NanoDrop™ 1000 Spectrophotometer enables highly accurate UV/Vis analyses of 1 ul samples with remarkable reproducibility. The patented

Ocean Optics HPX-2000

CW Xenon Lamp, 35 W, 185-2000 nm, 1000 hrs

Agilent Technologies 8453

UV-visible spectroscopy solutions that satisfy the diverse needs of analysts in routine QA/QC, research, and method development laboratories.

GE Healthcare NanoVue Plus

With a novel drop-and-measure sample plate for the accurate and reliable quantitation of nucleic acid and protein samples.

Hach Company DR 4000

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: DR 4000 U, DR 4000 V


Also found In: , Microplate Readers

Instantly capture a full spectrum for low volumes, microplates and cuvettes

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Questions for UV/VIS Spectrophotometers

Plum Creek QC

We are setting up and using a new Spectronic 200.  The default for abs measurement is reading in hundreths.  How do you switch to read in...

Agilent Cary 5000 simple reads

What is the highest optical density reading in "simple reads" mode?  @  eg 500 nm. It seams to go off scale>10abs after 3...


Please i need operation manual for HITACHI U-2000. Thank you.

Noisy absorbance

We have noisy absorbance reading while UV range and visible range is OK! We changed the deuterium lamp, but the error is remained. Thanks for your...

lamp supplier

I need a new lamp for a Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20. Do you know a supplier for a lamp for these older spectrophotometers?

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