Shimadzu Cannabis Analyzer for Potency

A turn-key solution, complete with a column, mobile phase, certified standards, methods, batches, and reports. Allows for sample submission to


The pump heads have been machined using a first class CNC process; the innovative structural design achieves minimum pressure fluctuation.

Cecil Instruments Adept HPLC

Whatever your HPLC requirements, Adept HPLC will provide great value plus more.        Because the systems are modular, different

Thermo Scientific Prelude LX-4 MD™ HPLC

Designed to help you meet your daily demands, the Thermo Scientific™ Prelude LX-4 MD™ HPLC Class I medical device, offers consistent

Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution

Infinitely Better Technologies Agilent 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution is one of a wave of innovative Agilent technologies

Cecil Instruments Merit

Easy to Use and Highly Affordable Merit HPLC Systems

Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 Basic Manual

Enjoy cost effective access to UHPLC separations in a simple, expandable system where modularity makes anything possible. The Thermo Scientific&trade

Hitachi HPLC/AAA Software Options

Hitachi’s philosophy regarding software is to let customers choose what is best for their lab. Hitachi HPLC systems are compatible with these fine

Hitachi High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Primaide

Affordable and robust HPLC system engineered for seamless integration and reliable analyses

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Questions for HPLC Systems

Problem with Column heater

A few days ago I upgraded separation module ( Waters Alliance 2795 HT ), from 2.03 to 2.05 .Now I set Temperature ( at Standard column heater without...

HPLC not working

Our BLC - 20 HPLC is not working. It keeps saying there is no communication with port. Its in demo mode and we could not get non demo mode

Auto calibration - TotalChrome

Dear colleagues, I got new method created but after running the first inj. from seq. there is an error in auto calibration report. It is saying...

spare parts

can this handle normal phase solvent systems?

Hi, I am trying to run normal phase separation and was wondering if this system can handle normal solvent gradients such as hexane and ethanol?

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