Gilson 157/159 UV-VIS Detectors

Found In: UV/VIS Detector

Flexible monitoring of your HPLC run with up to four wavelengths simultaneously.

Metrohm 887

Found In: UV/VIS Detector

Professional UV/VIS Detector

Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Electrochemical Detector

Found In: Electrochemical Detector

Delivers state-of-the-art sensor technologies complete with an entire range of electrochemically compatible HPLC systems

LabLogic Systems SoFie

Found In: Radiochemical Detector

The combination of HPLC separations and Radiochemical detection has been taken to a new level by INUS.

LabLogic Systems Flow-RAM™

Found In: Radiochemical Detector

Flow-RAM is the new and compact radio HPLC detector for PET and SPECT applications.

LabLogic Systems Beta-RAM

Found In: Radiochemical Detector

Β-RAM - The most sensitive, robust and smallest footprint instrument of its kind, combined with powerful Windows applications software.

HP G1314A

Found In: UV/VIS Detector

G1314A Variable Wavelength Detector

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Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to enquire about Xenon lamp for fluorescence detector Shimadzu RF-20A. What is your current list price for this...

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