HPLC Autosamplers are capable of injecting samples continuously. Some autoinjectors are capable of providing sample preparation prior to injection. Autosamplers are very mechanical with lots of moving parts and typically require service and maintenance at regular intervals in response to the number of injections made.


HT4000L is an HPLC autosampler for high presise injection into HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS and IC systems.

HTA HT310L AutoSampler

HT310L is a cost-effective HPLC autosampler, that offers automation for processing up to 10 unattended samples. By its competitive pricing is the

Agilent Technologies Bravo

Also found In: , Liquid Handling

Versatility and precision in a compact footprint

Shimadzu SIL-10AF / SIL-10AP


Series Models: SIL-10AF, SIL-10AP

Hitachi L-2200

L-2200 Autosampler provides high-capacity, high-precision injections with low carry-over rates.

Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH

The Thermo Scientific* TriPlus RSH Autosampler Enables Flexible, Automated Sampling for Ultimate Productivity in GC and GC-MS Analysis   

Waters FlexInject Manual Dual Injector Module

The FlexInject Manual Dual Injector Module operates with any fluid mixing system, including Waters high-pressure mixing solvent delivery modules

PerkinElmer Series 225 LC

The Series 225 LC Autosampler, a new member of the Series 200 family of liquid chromatography (LC) products, is the ultimate sampling tool designed

Gilson Multiple Probe 215

Flexible liquid handler and injector is designed to improve throughput for drug discovery and drug metabolism laboratories.

PerkinElmer ISS-200

   The Perkin Elmer ISS 200 Autosampler HPLC Autoinjector Non-pneumatic, fully-programmable. Can be controlled by PE-Nelson TurboChrom software

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Dear Sir: I am sales of GET (www.getech.com.tw) in Taiwan, my customer's SFC connector to this auto sampler that has some trouble(syringe...

SIL-10Advp autosampler

Having trouble with injections. The flow is coming out of the needle while it is asperating sample? It also looks like it is leaking at the injection...

717plus Autosampler - Needle wash not working.

Hi, I work in a small lab in Turlock CA.  We use the 717Autosampler and we noticed that the needle wash isn't taking up an liquid, I was...

Carousel does not engage

I bought a used Wisp 717 Plus and found that carousel makes some grinding noise when engaging but does not engage. Is there some adjustement to make...

Agilent Varian 410 Autosampler

Has anyone got a user guide or service manual for a Varian 410 Autosampler?

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