Metrohm Eco IC

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Dionex SRS 500

The Dionex ERS 500 suppressor is a direct replacement for the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ SRS™ 300 Self-Regenerating Suppressor.

GE Healthcare AKTA Explorer

ÄKTAexplorer™ chromotography systems are designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, using one working

METTLER TOLEDO Titration-IC system

Also found In: , Titrators

Titration-IC systems provide fast, accurate determinations of sample pH, conductivity, total acidity/alkalinity, with IC analysis of standard anions

Metrohm 858 Professional Sample Processor

The 858 Professional Sample Processor processes samples with volumes ranging from 500 µL to 500 mL.

Metrohm Compact IC

Metrohm’s 850 Professional IC technology is now made available in the new generation of compact IC instruments.

Metrohm Professional IC

IC systems are available several different configurations, anions, cations and ancat dual systems, all with conductivity detectors.

Metrohm Metrohm 850 Professional IC Cation

850 Professional IC systems for the analysis of cations in the ng/L to mg/L range.

Dionex ICS-3000

The ICS-3000 Reagent-Free™ IC system with Eluent Generation provides a wide range of powerful capabilities.

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I'm looking for method SOPs. Hexacrome, cyanide, hardness etc.

Fluctuating Pressure

  The pressure on our unit is fluctuating between 1200-1700 and is constantly jumping 20-30 psi.  Every time it makes a knocking sound...


Where can we buy a network interface card #050225, for our dionex dx-120?

cell electronics malfunctioning

when testing the cell electronics after disconnecting the ds4 cell and putting the dip switches as follows: sw4-1,2 = off off sw5-8 ...

Dinoex VWD detector

How can I determine if the power supply is bad on a VWD detector for an ICS 2000 IC unit.  The UV lamp lights but the VIS lamp will not light...

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