PERSEE M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS

The M7 is an accurate, reliable and precise system which is suitable to both routine analysis and precision research applications. It can work with

Gow-Mac Series 8100

The Series 8100 gives you sensitive, accurate, reproducible results.


Falcon Analytical Introduces the CALIDUS microGC Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener than Traditional Gas Chromatographs

Shimadzu GC-2010

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Shimadzu GC-8A Series

Simple, Dedicated, Single Detector Gas Chromatographs

Cambridge Scientific 300 Series

The 300 series fast GC is an unconventional gas chromatograph using directly heated columns for rapid heating and cool down. It is truly a fast GC

PerkinElmer Clarus 500

sleek design and easy touch screen revolutionize GC interaction.

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Questions for GC Systems

EFC varian CP3800

Is it is possible to change or replace the EFC of a varian CP 3800 by manual flowmeters because these EFC burned.

Column EFC will not stabilize

The EFC will not stabilize the flow/pressure.  Disassembled column and replaced all ferrules and the injection port septum.  Still will not...

agilent 7890A sudden power off

Hello, I have a problem that my Agilent 7890A GC had suddenly powered off and when i tried to turn it on it goes off after the...

Equilibrating is with redlight

Hi, recently we gained a cp 3800, now we are trying to do it work. We are in the step in that there are a red light beside the name Equilibrating...

6890N FID

I get a "F det type mismatch" error on a 6890N with an FID.  Is there a way to cear that or a setting I can change.  Everything...

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