PERSEE M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS

The M7 is an accurate, reliable and precise system which is suitable to both routine analysis and precision research applications. It can work with

Gow-Mac Series 8100

The Series 8100 gives you sensitive, accurate, reproducible results.


Falcon Analytical Introduces the CALIDUS microGC Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener than Traditional Gas Chromatographs

Shimadzu Tracera

High Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph System

Shimadzu TD-30

The TD-30 is the optimal solution for gas and materials analysis. Its outstanding processing ability and excellent expandability provide strong

Shimadzu GC-2025

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Shimadzu GC-8A

Dedicated Single Detector GC

Series Models: GC-8AIT, GC-8AIF, GC-8AIE, GC-8APFp

Shimadzu AUW-D

The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with outstanding repeatability, utilizing the full suite of detectors.

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Oven not heat

My Clarus 680 GC has not been used for a long time. After the power was turned on, the touch screen showed "Fatal instrument shutdown oven not...

CP 3800 Keypad issues

I've had to replaced the keypad on our instrument several times in the past year. We only need to start/stop the GC because we are acquiring the...

Dean Switch

I have a 8610C that I want to add a Dean Switch to backflush a precolumn back through the injector and out to vent.  so, I need to add an EPC...

injector body installation

wire for the heating block broke off at the end that fits into block. Is this a thermocouple?

HP5890 SeriesII Parts and Installation

I've recently come into possession of a few old HP 5890 SeriesII GCs. The problem is they're missing various parts, so I'm hoping someone...

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