Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8040

The first triple quadrupole with Smart Productivity for high efficiency sample throughput.

Malvern Instruments OMNISEC

The world’s most advanced multi-detector GPC/SEC system

Gow-Mac Series 8100

The Series 8100 gives you sensitive, accurate, reproducible results.


Falcon Analytical Introduces the CALIDUS microGC Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener than Traditional Gas Chromatographs

GenTech Scientific Master GCxGC TOF Plus

Master GCxGC-TOF Plus - Obtain Improved Productivity and Performance

Shimadzu GC-2010

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Shimadzu GC-8A Series

Simple, Dedicated, Single Detector Gas Chromatographs

Cambridge Scientific 300 Series

The 300 series fast GC is an unconventional gas chromatograph using directly heated columns for rapid heating and cool down. It is truly a fast GC

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O. I. Analytical
O. I. Analytical

Questions and Answers

Questions for GC Systems

Pressure setpoints

Hi, The GC CP 3800 in the laboratory does not reach the required pressure setpoint to compensate the required column flow for the analysis, the...

No Signal recieved on a gc 3800

we have a varian GC CP-3380 with an FID   We recently changed our computer hard drive. We installed the software and configure it...

HP 6890 temperature calibrations

In old 5890 GC's there is a service menu that allows a technician to adjust temperature calibration for zones. i.e enter a corrected temperature...

Samles position in the tray disappeared from method and run control window on ChemStation (Agilent 6890)

Hi everyone, I have updated the ChemStation version on a Agilent 6890 GC, couple of months ago, and on the method and run controll window I had...


Has anyone used the Mini-GC?  Do you enjoy it?  Is it worth the cost for undergraduate analytical labs or should I just bite the bullet and...

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O. I. Analytical
O. I. Analytical