PERSEE M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS

The M7 is an accurate, reliable and precise system which is suitable to both routine analysis and precision research applications. It can work with

Gow-Mac Series 8100

The Series 8100 gives you sensitive, accurate, reproducible results.


Falcon Analytical Introduces the CALIDUS microGC Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener than Traditional Gas Chromatographs

ABB PGC5007 Total sulfur analyzer

ABB process gas chromatograph portfolio includes the specialty gas chromatograph - Total sulfur analyzer

ABB Process Gas Chromatographs PGC5000 Series

ABB process gas chromatograph portfolio includes specialty gas chromatographs (process simulated distillation, temperature programmed, fast

Series Models: PGC5000B Smart Oven, PGC5000 Integrated controller, PGC5000A Generation 2 Master C, PGC5009 Fast PGC

OI Analytical Pesticide Analysis System

Pesticide analysis bugging you? OI Analytical’s Pesticide Analysis System offers versatile and customized detection solutions.

Thermo Scientific UltraFast TRACE™ GC Ultra Configuration

Dramatically increase lab productivity and decrease sample run times with the Thermo Scientific™ UltraFast TRACE GC Ultra Configuration. It is

Thermo Scientific TRACE™ Ultra Gas Chromatograph

Your lab's analytical requirements are changing all the time. Here's a GC that can keep you a step ahead: the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™

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Agilent GC 7890A

How much is this equipmen?  Can you emal at Thanks.

RAM Corrupted, Restore from ROM, ROM type ...... Unknown

Helo, The our GC instruments have problem, after I have replace battery on GC CPU board assy, and then there are boot menu, then I select no. 2...

EFC type 1 pressure too high

Hello, we have a Varian CP 3800 that worked well until some days ago. Then on both channels (dual column GC) the EFC type 1 pressure...

Instrument never get ready and always in equilibrating stage

Hi, I am suing GC varian CP 3800 with an autosampler CP 8400. I am having problem which the isntrument never gets ready and always in...

IP address

How do I determine the IP address of my Varian CP-3800 communications card?

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