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Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus XP Series
Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus XP Series

With the Excellence Plus XP, METTLER TOLEDO has set another milestone in the world of analytical balances. Cutting-edge innovations bring unprecedented weighing performance and set new standards in terms of personnel, sample and data security.

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Alliance Scale Adventurer Pro

A versatile balance for biotech, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications

Sartorius ENTRIS

Sartorius Entris balances - Just Weighing

Series Models: ENTRIS224, ENTRIS124, ENTRIS64, ENTRIS623, ENTRIS423, ENTRIS323, ENTRIS153, ENTRIS4202, ENTRIS4202, ENTRIS3202, ENTRIS2202

Adam Equipment Nimbus Precision Balances

Designed for scientists, the Nimbus series of balances offers 15 models that deliver a full breadth of precision readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g.

Series Models: NBL 84e, NBL 124e, NBL 164e, NBL 214e, NBL 223e, NBL 423e, NBL 2602e, NBL 3602e, NBL 4602e, NBL 4201e, NBL 6201e, NBL 8201e, NBL 12001e, NBL 16001e, NBL 22001e

A&D Weighing MC Series

Equipped with an internal mass for simplified calibration of the balance. Enhanced function settings reduce errors due to drafts and vibrations. The

Series Models: MC-1000, MC-6100, MC-10K, MC-30K

A&D Weighing FZ-iWP Series

FZ-iWP Precision Balance Series with Internal Calibration

Series Models: FZ-120iWP, FZ-200iWP, FZ-300iWP, FZ-1200iWP, FZ-2000iWP, FZs-3000iWP

A&D Weighing FZ-i Series

FZ-i Precision Balance Series with Internal Calibration

Series Models: FZ-120i, FZ-200i, FZ-300i, FZ-500i, FZ-1200i, FZ-2000i, FZ-3000i, FZ-5000i

A&D Weighing FX-i Series

FX-i Precision Balance Series

Series Models: FX-120i, FX-200i, FX-300i, FX-500i, FX-1200i, FX-2000i, FX-3000i, FX-5000i

A&D Weighing HR-A / HR-AZ Series

Galaxy Series Compact Analytical Balances

Series Models: HR-100A / HR-100AZ, HR-150A / HR-150AZ, HR-250A / HR-250AZ

A&D Weighing HR Series

Orion Analytical Balance Series

Series Models: HR-60, HR-120, HR-200, HR-300i, HR-202i

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I have a question: how do you determine the accuracy in +/- g of this balance at the following weights? 250 g 500 g 750 g Your specs...

Bio Medical repairer

We have a Mettler H54 that will not come into tolerance. Where do i get information on how to adjust and calibrate the scale?

uL balance

De balance says uL, if i put my calibratoin weights of 200 gram, the balance goes nice to 0.00. but if i want to calibrate it says error.


It says overload any time it's over 100 g.  Any ideas?


HelloCould we ask about the price of this product GR-202

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A&D Weighing
A&D Weighing
A&D Weighing
A&D Weighing