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Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus XP Series
Mettler Toledo Excellence Plus XP Series

With the Excellence Plus XP, METTLER TOLEDO has set another milestone in the world of analytical balances. Cutting-edge innovations bring unprecedented weighing performance and set new standards in terms of personnel, sample and data security.

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Shimadzu Balances
Shimadzu Balances

Top-pan and torsion balance production started in 1918, and equal-beam analytical balances were introduced in 1925. Since their release, the continuous improvement of Shimadzu balances has contributed toresearch and development across all industries.

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Alliance Scale Adventurer Pro

A versatile balance for biotech, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications

Sartorius ENTRIS

Sartorius Entris balances - Just Weighing

Series Models: ENTRIS224, ENTRIS124, ENTRIS64, ENTRIS623, ENTRIS423, ENTRIS323, ENTRIS153, ENTRIS4202, ENTRIS4202, ENTRIS3202, ENTRIS2202

Adam Equipment Nimbus Precision Balances

Designed for scientists, the Nimbus series of balances offers 15 models that deliver a full breadth of precision readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g.

Series Models: NBL 84e, NBL 124e, NBL 164e, NBL 214e, NBL 223e, NBL 423e, NBL 2602e, NBL 3602e, NBL 4602e, NBL 4201e, NBL 6201e, NBL 8201e, NBL 12001e, NBL 16001e, NBL 22001e

A&D Weighing HR-A / HR-AZ Series

Galaxy Series Compact Analytical Balances

Series Models: HR-100A / HR-100AZ, HR-150A / HR-150AZ, HR-250A / HR-250AZ

A&D Weighing HR Series

Orion Analytical Balance Series

Series Models: HR-60, HR-120, HR-200, HR-300i, HR-202i

METTLER TOLEDO Excellence XPE Analytical Balance Series

The best performance in analytical weighing and support the highest requirements for safety, efficiency and ease of compliance.

Series Models: XPE 105, XPE 205, XPE 205DR, XPE 204, XPE 504

Ohaus Valor 7000

The OHAUS Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in the OHAUS line of reliable and durable products.

Ohaus Ranger Count 3000

With weighing, parts counting, check Counting, and accumulation functions, Ranger Count 3000 is the ideal scale to meet many industrial counting needs

METTLER TOLEDO New Classic ML Analytical Balance

METTLER TOLEDO has developed an astounding all-rounder for all budgets.

Series Models: ML 54, ML 104, ML 204


Feature rich yet economical precision bench scale

Series Models: EW 220-3NM, EW 420-3NM, EW 620-2NM, EW 820-2NM, EW 2200-2NM, EW 6200-2NM, EW 12000-1NM, EW 4200-2NM, EW 420-3NM

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It says overload any time it's over 100 g.  Any ideas?


HelloCould we ask about the price of this product GR-202

Data connection to Mettler Toledo PM2000 balance

Does anyone know how the pin configuration of the ME33995 cable is? We would like to connect to the Mettler PM2000 balance via RS232 but as it is...


need a manual

No Display

My balance AT 261 Delta Range has suddenly stopped showing display.The doors are moving.Please suggest what should I do,Can I check at my end or do I...

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