Parr Instrument Company 4878 Automated Liquid Sampler

A safe and reliable method for collecting multiple liquid samples from heated and pressurized reactors has been sought for many years. Parr

Asynt ReactoMate CLR Datum

The ReactoMate CLR Datum Support System is a NEW benchtop Controlled Lab Reactor system that offers the flexibility to accommodate reaction vessels.

Hach Company SL1000

Also found In: , Colorimeters

Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA). Water Quality Testing. Dramatically Streamlined.


The EZ-ZONE® RM controller simplifies thermal system management. The EZ-ZONE RM integrated controller family is comprised of six module types.

OI Analytical 4100 Water / Soil Sample Processor

Efficiently processes up to 100 drinking water, wastewater, or soil samples and operates with a single or dual Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments

JM Science HC-607 Quick COD Analyzer With Coulometric Titration

Quick COD Analyzer Model HC-607 provides fast, accurate analyses and is easy to use with coulometric titration.

YSI Life Sciences 2900M Online Monitor & Control System

The YSI 2900M Online Monitoring & Control System featuring    the YSI Sitini Online Sampler is a key and reliable partner for the   

Syrris Asia Tube Cooler

The Asia Tube Cooler enables a range of fluoropolymer and stainless steel Asia Tube Reactors to be cooled to as low as -68°C.

Vapourtec UV-150

Introducing the Vapourtec UV-150 Photochemical Reactor

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Filling error regularly and negative density with air

Though there are no bubbles in the tube yet it is giving filling error every time. Also when instrument is checked for air density it is showing...

High BOD Blanks

After switching to the automated BOD analyzer, we noticed higher BOD blank depletion values. When we switched back to analyzing samples manually, the...

we have an older crystal 16 unit...

a couple of my wells aren't stirring on a constant basis. Can I open the unit and clean something to improve the stirring?    

i need to replace the lamp of my Randox Rx Monza

Dear sir, i need to replace the halogen lamp. in my Randox Rx monza, i am based in nigeria..hwo can i get it?

CarboQC temperature compensation?

Are results of CO2 reading temperature compensated? Or do I have to use temperature correction tables to get the exact result of CO2 at the...

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