Parr Instrument Company 4878 Automated Liquid Sampler

A safe and reliable method for collecting multiple liquid samples from heated and pressurized reactors has been sought for many years. Parr

Asynt ReactoMate CLR Datum

The ReactoMate CLR Datum Support System is a NEW benchtop Controlled Lab Reactor system that offers the flexibility to accommodate reaction vessels.

Randox Evidence Multistat

Also found In: , Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

The evidence MultiStat analyser is a semi-automated point-of-application analyser for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis.

Anton Paar DMA 35

The DMA 35 portable density meter measures the density and concentration of your sample and is characterized by the highest level of user friendliness

Series Models: DMA 35, DMA 35 Tag&Log, DMA 35 Ex, DMA 35 Ex Petrol

Anton Paar Monowave300

Also found In: , Microwave Digesters

High performance microwave reactor specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications in research and development laboratories.

YSI Life Sciences 2700 SELECT™

YSI 2700 SELECT™ Biochemistry Analyzer Biochemistry analyzer for bioprocessing, food and beverage, and biofuels applications

Instrumentation Laboratory ILab 300 Plus

ILab 300 Plus is a new generation of clinical chemistry analyser, which can perform photometry, turbidimetry and potentiometry. The software is based

Roche Hitachi 704

The Roche Hitachi 704 Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated, discrete, and computerized chemistry analyzer. The Roche Hitachi 704 Chemistry

Olympus AU 400

Fully automated, for routine, STAT, urine and homogeneous Immuno Assays

Hitachi High-Speed Amino Acid Analyzer L-8900

Our Amino Acid Analyzer, Model L-8900, is the culmination of the technology and expertise earned through our extensive experience in manufacturing

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Analysis of Air Pollution

What equipments can be used to analyze air pollution, not  for specific data like the content of each pollutes, sulfur oxides or nitrogen oxides...

COVID 19 tests

Is it possible to adapt and use the equipment for COVID 19 testing?

Analysis of Air Polliction

What equipents can be used to analyze air pollution, not  for specific data like the content of each pollutes, sulfur oxides or nitrogen oxides...

Analytics information

Hello!    I would like to know more information about San++ on how to analyze cyanide, surfactants and phenols. How to calculate...


Dear Sir, I need a quatation. Best regards Ayman Yousef, phD   Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering Dept., Faculty...

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