Thermo Scientific Cymon

Automated incubator can now be monitored, controlled from virtually anywhere

Thermo Scientific Integration Manager

How do you turn vast amounts of enterprise data into effective business decisions? With multiple applications generating terabytes of dataoften in

Molecular Devices Axon™ Digidata® 1550A plus HumSilencer™

A low-noise data acquisition system with single-click 50/60 Hz line-frequency noise elimination in less than one second.

Omega Medical Wireless RTD Temperature Data Logger with Display

The OM-CP-RFRTDTEMP2000A is an RTD-based, wireless precision temperature data logger with display.

Rigol M300

New Rigol M300 Data Acquisition and Datalogging System

LECO Corporation Pegasus BT

LECO’s Pegasus BT users will get all of the data they need from a single sample run, without the need for additional laboratory support.

Thermo Scientific Smart-Tracker Wireless Datalogging Modules

Ensuring that the cold chain has been preserved, whether your products are in storage or in transit, just makes sense. Thermo Scientific™

Anton Paar DAVIS 5: Software for the recording, storing, visualization and analysis of measured data

Davis 5 continuously records all sensor-specific and product-specific data which are determined by the mPDS 5 evaluation unit. The modern interface


The Data Logger LB 9000 is a universal data acquisition system, which could be used for a variety of measuring applications.

HP 3392A

This HP 3392a Integrator receives and stores digital detector data. This product offers integrating, automating and networking functions for

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Thermal paper

Does anyone know a source for the thermal paper for this integrator and where I can get an operations manual or quick reference card?

Changing Print head

Hello, I am trying to change the print head on our hp 3392A integrator. We have the part but cannot access a service manual for instructions, can you...


I need paper for HP 3392A Could i buy from you some?

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