Micromeritics GeoPyc 1365 Envelope Density Analyzer

The GeoPyc employs a unique displacement measurement technique that uses Dry Flo, a quasi-fluid composed of small, rigid spheres having a high degree

Exeter Analytical Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

Designed as a safe method for igniting samples when using the Schöniger flask method.

Rigaku NEX QC+ QuantEZ

High performance benchtop EDXRF spectrometer with Windows® software. High resolution elemental analysis of Na through U

Micromeritics AutoPore V

Class Leading, Proven Performance. Establishing a New Benchmark for Operational Safety

Hach Company QbD1200

Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

HANNA instruments HI 9829

1 Meter, 14 Parameters, 100's of Applications

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asking for a picture

i want a picture of 10 samples capacity sample changer


Hello there my skalar san++ analyzer recently doesnt detect the peaks of samples analyzed. the reagent lines have been changed and also cleaned as...

Needed a software

How to download a software for this type of machine?

John Gibbs

I have a Spectro Maxx Jr. spectrograph. I need some of the boards repaired the numbers on the boards are as follows. EK 0008-1A EK...


the machine has stopped arcing the sample. it runs thru the cycle correct but without and arc. I pulled the board out before the stand ,and ohm check...

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