OHAUS Starter Series Water Analysis Meters

OHAUS Starter Series will continue to elevate OHAUS to a direction that is truly Beyond Weighing!

OHAUS Starter 5000

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal pH Applications

Hamilton Company Laboratory pH Sensors

Laboratory sensors are used for many different applications and must show excellent accuracy and provide fast readings.

Series Models: FillTrode, FlushTrode

HANNA instruments Edge

edge™ is a single meter that can measure pH (HI2020), Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and is incredibly easy to use.

Series Models: pH, EC, DO

Hach Company HQd Series

HQd Digital Meters and IntelliCAL™ Probes

Series Models: HQ40d, HQ30d, HQ14d, HQ11d, HQ440D, HQ430D, HQ411d

Sensorex Calomel Free pH Electrodes

The performance of calomel electrodes is now available without the hazardous mercury associated with the design. The "Calomel Free" design features

Sensorex S150C

S150C(pH)Polycarbonate Body Electrodes

Sensorex pHASE pH Electrodes

Sensorex™ pHASE pH electrodes provide fast, accurate, stable pH measurements, even with large changes in the sample temperature. The built-in

Oakton ION 700

Large display allows you to see measurement values at a glance

Hach Company Φ 500 Series

Advanced technology matched with superior performance

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Questions for pH Meters

Constant reading of 1.288uS/cm

I have Mettler toledo S230 conductivity meter it gives same reading in any sample it shows 1.288uS/cm reading. And without electrode attached...

Problem in calibration

We have mettler toledo portable DO meter F4, problem is that when we calibrate it through zero oxygen tablet it gives error 4 indication how to...

DO electrode for hydrocarbon

Which electrode model is used in DO meter for hydrocarbons testing

Orion a211 Screen

Is there any way of adjusting the brightness of the screen? Our screen has begun to dim to the point it's difficult to see the readings.

availability for pH meter accumet 910

Dear sir/mam, My name is Osa Hadi Rahmadi, work at PT. Chandra asri Petrochemical. I would like to know the availability of this product and...

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