Fisher Scientific XL50

Multiparameter meter with research-grade capabilities, unrivaled usability and connectivity

Fisher Scientific XL20

Excel XL20 pH/mV/Temperature/Conductivity/Resistivity Meters

Fisher Scientific AP85

AP85 Portable Waterproof pH/Conductivity Mete

Fisher Scientific AP84

Waterproof AP84 Portable pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Fisher Scientific AP60 Series

AP60 Series Portable pH Meters

Series Models: AP62, AP61

Fisher Scientific AP125

AP125 Portable pH/Ion/mV/Temperature Meter

Fisher Scientific AB15

AB15 Basic and BioBasic* pH/mV/°C Meters

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Questions for pH Meters

Replacement parts

Hi where can I purchase the replacement probe buffer solutions and reagants. Thankyou

Manual calculation for slope determination in 5point calibration

Manual calculation for slope determination in 5 point calibration

I would like to buy a power cord for the Corning 440

can someone let me know how to buy the power adapter for this pH meter or is it just better to buy a new one 

Computer program

I just purchased a used D.O. meter and I was wondering if this instrument has the ability to interface with a computer? Are there any BOD calculating...

we find to buy 826 ph mobile from your company

how we will contact within your company

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