OHAUS Starter Series Water Analysis Meters

OHAUS Starter Series will continue to elevate OHAUS to a direction that is truly Beyond Weighing!

OHAUS Starter 5000

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal pH Applications

Hamilton Company Laboratory pH Sensors

Laboratory sensors are used for many different applications and must show excellent accuracy and provide fast readings.

Series Models: FillTrode, FlushTrode


SevenMulti™ pH meter - professional performance with modular expansion possibilities at any time!

Metrohm 827 ph lab

827 pH lab; 120 V, US with Unitrode

Hach Company H-Series H260G Benchtop pH & ISE Meter

Hach H260G Benchtop is a dual-technology pH (non-glass ISFET and traditional glass) meter.

Metrohm 781 pH/Ion Meter

pH measurement and determination of ion concentrations with the highest degree of comfort.

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Questions for pH Meters

Replacement parts

Hi where can I purchase the replacement probe buffer solutions and reagants. Thankyou

Manual calculation for slope determination in 5point calibration

Manual calculation for slope determination in 5 point calibration

I would like to buy a power cord for the Corning 440

can someone let me know how to buy the power adapter for this pH meter or is it just better to buy a new one 

Computer program

I just purchased a used D.O. meter and I was wondering if this instrument has the ability to interface with a computer? Are there any BOD calculating...

we find to buy 826 ph mobile from your company

how we will contact within your company

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