AMETEK Brookfield RST-CPS Touch Rheometer

Rheological evaluation through controlled stress measurement offers superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, yield stress determination

AMETEK Brookfield RST-SST Touch Rheometer

Brookfield's high end, touch screen rheometer uses vane spindle geometry in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes to characterize creep

Malvern Instruments Kinexus lab+

Rotational rheometer for routine and Quality Control testing

Anton Paar MCR 702 TwinDrive

Anton Paar introduces a groundbreaking high-end rheometer in a class of its own: MCR 702 TwinDrive. For the first time ever in the history of

Anton Paar TRB

The Pin-on-Disk Tribometer is a table-top instrument, which is compact and can be installed on any stable table

Anton Paar NTR³

The Nano Tribometer (NTR3) is a unique instrument for characterizing the tribological properties of a wide range of surfaces at low contact pressures

Anton Paar Rheometer Measuring Head

Customized rheometry with the performance of a MCR rheometer - the rheometer measuring head can be used for automation or for special measuring..

Anton Paar Rheometer MCR 102, 302, 502

The new MCR rheometers are based on a concept at the cutting edge of technology.

Series Models: MCR 52, MCR 102, MCR 302, MCR 502

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Spare parts of CVO Rheometer

To whom it may concern;  I would like to know do you have spare parts of CVO Rheometer in your stock ?  Best Regards; Maziar...

somem readings not shows

this intrument does not show shearstress, strain and phase angle.

shear stress

our bohlin c-vor shear rheometer does not show shear stress and strain

Request for Quote GG1441

MCR 501 Stress Controlled Rheometer (Make: Anton Parr) Device Specifications: Torque range 0.01 uN. M-300 m. Nm Force range: 0.01-50N...


want to remove error 318

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