Instrument Specialists Inc. TMA 800

Found In: Thermomechanical Analysis

TMA – THERMOMECHANICAL ANALYZER    The TMA is based on the proven vertical performance design utilizing an Oil Float Suspension System.

Hitachi Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer STA7000 Series

Found In: Thermogravimetric Analysis

The STA7000 Series Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analyzer provides simultaneous measurement of both TG and DTA/DSC with a wide temperature range

Hitachi Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA7000 Series

Found In: Thermomechanical Analysis

The Hitachi TMA7000 Series Thermomechanical Analyzer has doubled its sensitivity compared with our conventional model. It measures a wide range of

Hitachi Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA7100

Found In: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

With its exceptional overall performance and user-friendly design, the DMA7100 is ideal for uses from routine and high-level research. A navigation

Hitachi UV Irradiation Unit PDC-7

Found In: Differential Scanning Calorimetry

This is the optional product of the Differential Scanning Calorimeter which enables the detection of the photochemical reaction such as UV curing.

Hitachi Real View Sample Observation Unit

Found In: Simultaneous Thermal Analysis

This is an optional accessory that integrates with the instrument to observe the sample during thermal measurements. Images reveal changes in sample

Setaram Instrumentation microDSC3 evo

Found In: Differential Scanning Calorimetry

High-sensitivity DSC and isothermal microcalorimetry (-20 to 120°C) with in-situ mixing possibilities

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Error 405 and 420

I keep getting the error message "power supply furnace impredance error(405)" and "power supply furnace impredance error, value 127...

Auto sampler reads (illegal tip contact)

The auto sampler fails the self test by stating "illegal tip contact" when aligning the tray anyone know how to fix this?

what connects to the silver tubes sticking out of my unit?

Two silver tubes are sticking out of my unit, and i am not sure what connects to them? chiller? liquid nitro? any insight is appreciated.


Could you send me a quotation.


You you send me a quotation of DSC-Raman Setup

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