Postnova AF2000 MultiFlow

The new Postnova AF2000 MultiFlow FFF Series was invented to become the first professional modular Flow FFF platform available.

Hamilton Company Microlab easyBlood

Sample preparation for biobanking often requires the splitting of blood samples into its basic components, serum/plasma, white blood cells.

Hamilton Company easyPunch STARlet

easyPunch is a system integrating FTA™ sample collection card punching and liquid handling capability all in one instrument.

Varian ProStar 701

This Varian ProStar 701 X-Y Fraction Collector has easy-to-use, interactive programming, microprocessor control and advanced software.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. NGC™ Fraction Collector

The NGC Fraction Collector (NGC FC) paired with the NGC Chromatography System has automated collection options for analytical and preparative

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BioLogic LP System 2110

Also found In: , Software (HPLC)

BioLogic LP System With Model 2110 Fraction Collector and LP Data View Software

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BioFrac

The BioFrac™ fraction collector, ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications, is easy to program and can be used for basic

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BioFrac™ Fraction Collector

100/240 V, fraction collector, includes power cord, rack set F1 (2 x flatpack, 13 mm), BioFrac Diverter Valve, fittings kit

Postnova EAF2000

The Postnova EAF4 Technology combines the principle of Electrical and Asymmetrical Flow FFF in just one system. Electric and Cross Flow Fields can

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Parmacia Super Frac fraction collector processor problem

We have two of these and one has a problem of counter freezing up during a run in the cold room at 4 degrees C.  It will stop advancing fraction...

FC203B Stuck in drain mode.

I have a fraction collector that is stuck in drain mode. How does one get out of this mode?

remote start won't work when attached to pump controller

WFC3 will not start with s1 closure from 600e controller. It will start if disconnected from 600e controller and remote start wires are shorted. Have...

SF-2120 Fraction Collector manual

Anyone have a SF-2120 Fraction Collector manual for sale? DeWayne Townsend NorthStar Biochemistry  

redifrac will not run longer than 3s

the redifrac will only function for three seconds regardless of collection mode. Occasionally when the arm is wiggled it will continue its cycle but...

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