Waters Oasis PRiME HLB

The Oasis® family of solid-phase extraction products is designed to simplify and improve your sample preparation.

Hamilton Company Multiflex Tip Feeder

Hamilton offers below deck tip rack storage accessible by the CO-RE Paddle Grippers.

Hamilton Company CR Wash Station

Hamilton offers a chemical resistant wash station for on-deck integration.

LabTech PrepElite-GV SamplePrep. Station

It provides flexible options of integrating different sample prep steps into one economical package.

LabTech MultiVap Concentrator

MultiVap has 8 sample positions and enables the user to evaporate to dry or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume.

LabTech ET Concentrator

A good evaporation assistant after Sepaths SPE process.

Tecan Fluent

Also found In: , Liquid Handling

Laboratory Automation Solutions

Electrothermal MH8517 Paraffin Section Flotation Bath

The NEW Paraffin Section Flotation Bath is designed to assist with the handling of paraffin wax samples in histology and pathology laboratories.

Malvern Panalytical NanoSampler

Also found In: Particle Size Analyzers ,

Automated particle size measurement for the Zetasizer Nano


"HT4000A is a sample preparation workstation that allows automation of sample preparation procedures by taking care of a large number of operations

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No water flow.

I have 4 of these machines in my lab. Before I start to disassemble it, I thought i'd ask if there are any known problems with this machine..It...

Possible cause for explosion in microwave

I am looking for plausibe explanation for the explosion in the Multiwave 3000.  One of the vessels used in microwave appears to have exploded...

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