Waters Oasis PRiME HLB

The Oasis® family of solid-phase extraction products is designed to simplify and improve your sample preparation.

Hamilton Company Multiflex Tip Feeder

Hamilton offers below deck tip rack storage accessible by the CO-RE Paddle Grippers.

Hamilton Company CR Wash Station

Hamilton offers a chemical resistant wash station for on-deck integration.

Anton Paar Sucrolyser

The Sucrolyser / Eco Sucrolyser is a powerful system for sugar factories. It is used in the quality control of sugar cane as a part of pay analysis

Anton Paar Automatic Dilution and Dosage System: DDS

The automatic dilution and dosage system automates the routine preparation of sample dilution at accurate weight/weight or weight/volume ratios.

Anton Paar High Pressure Digestion: HPA-S High Pressure Asher

HPA-S represents the ultimate performance in wet chemical high pressure digestion sample preparation for AAS, ICP and Voltammetry.The HPA-S acid

Sotax Corporation TPW

Automated Sample Preparation Workstation

Sotax Corporation APW

Automated Sample Preparation Workstation

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End Caps

We are using Teflon Cap Filtration for PLE Cartridge- No O-Ring. We have had leakage problems after just one use. Any advise welcome.

Tecan Fluent - Impressions, Value, Etc

Hello, We are considering a Fluent 780 for our drug monitoring plate preparation workflow and I am seeking information from users of the Fluent and...

Software update

Good Afternoon, every time I switch on the MW3000 the onboard computer asks me to update the software by connecting a host pc and running the...


LED replacement

Where can I purchase a new fixture and lamp for this machine ?

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