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The Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C combines unique mixing performance with excellent temperature control to consistently guarantee complete, dependable and reproducible test results.

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LECO Corporation SS-200
LECO Corporation SS-200

The SS-200 is a variable-speed grinder/polisher with simple operation ideal for low- or medium-volume laboratories.

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"HT4000A is a sample preparation workstation that allows automation of sample preparation procedures by taking care of a large number of operations

FMS TRP Total-Rapid-Prep system

FMS introduces the first and only "Total Solution" Sample Prep system available that combines three sample prep processes into one

FMS The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System

Also found In: , Liquid Handling , External Concentrators

The EconoTrace Parallel SPE System is designed to streamline your laboratory’s workflow and increase productivity by automating the manual steps in yo

Cetac ASX-260

The compact and efficient design of the ASX-260 Two-Rack Autosampler preserves precious laboratory bench space.    Ideal for low to


Also found In: , Liquid Handling

When coupled to a compatible autosampler, the ASXPRESS® PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction System minimizes times for sample delivery, stabilization and

PerkinElmer Sample Preparation Blocks for Environmental Analysis

PerkinElmer provides a variety of sample preparation blocks and accessories for your laboratory needs.


Also found In: Chemistry Analyzers , , GC Autosamplers

HT3000A autosampler offers reliability and superior performance for all GC-GC/MS applications meeting today’s and tomorrow’s requirements


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Flexys gridder&replicator software

I have a PBA technology/Genomic solution Flexys gridder& replicator whose software might be corrupted. It was bought through an auction and I do...


Hi, We use a Multiwave 3000 and today one of our preset programs seems to have been edited. On the MF50-T4 what are the time break downs? Is it...

venting screvs breaks up

Dear all, Recently we started to use HF(hydrofluoric acid) for mineralisation. After some mineralisation processes venting screvs breaks up...

consumables set xq80

Dear all,   is there a step by step guide on how to install the consumables set xq80? i have an idea on how it looks like but there are...

Bottle full error message

How does the ASE detect bottle full?

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