Microbiology International D Series

Horizontal front loading bench-top autoclaves

Series Models: D-23, D-45, D-65, D-90, D-100, D-150, D-200

Integra Biosciences MEDIACLAVE

The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of 1 – 30 L culture medium.


Microbiology International V Series

Simply the most advanced line of autoclaves available. Full electronic control with automated door sealing, built in steam generator, PT100

Series Models: V-40, V-55, V-65, V-75, V-95, V-100, V-120, V-150

Amerex Instruments HRH-110

Autoclave with pre-vacuum cycle and drying by heat and vacuum

Tuttnauer 44 and 55 Compact Series

44 & 55 Laboratory Autoclaves Compact Series

Series Models: 4472, 4480, 4496, 5596, 55120

Napco 8000-DSE

Compact, portable unit for sterilizing liquids, solids, and instruments.

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pressure the indicator is not correct

The temperature inside the chamber is 121.5 º C and the pressure is 29.9 psia, but the autoclave As-12 indicator displays 121 ° C and 21 psi, as I...

No Power

We have Tuttnauer 3150 EL bench top autoclave, Yesterday there was power failure in the lab for sometimes and everyone forgot to attend to the...

Changing the heating units on the Autoclave.

Can someone give me a quick insight into changing the heating units on our autoclave. Is the small 1/4" pipe just threaded into the main...

Temp goes too high

I've adjusted the temperature control knob to try to alieviate this problem, but when I do the next run, right near the end of the 15 minute...

Autoclave Preventative Maintenance

Please tell me the time period need  for servicing the laboratory Autoclave..   ---------------------------http://www.sychem.co...

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