Microbiology International D Series

Horizontal front loading bench-top autoclaves

Series Models: D-23, D-45, D-65, D-90, D-100, D-150, D-200

Integra Biosciences MEDIACLAVE

The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of 1 – 30 L culture medium.


Microbiology International V Series

Simply the most advanced line of autoclaves available. Full electronic control with automated door sealing, built in steam generator, PT100

Series Models: V-40, V-55, V-65, V-75, V-95, V-100, V-120, V-150

Amerex Instruments HRH-110

Autoclave with pre-vacuum cycle and drying by heat and vacuum

Tuttnauer 44 and 55 Compact Series

44 & 55 Laboratory Autoclaves Compact Series

Series Models: 4472, 4480, 4496, 5596, 55120

Napco 8000-DSE

Compact, portable unit for sterilizing liquids, solids, and instruments.

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Spare parts

Is it possible to obtain spare parts for the MediaMatic? Where from?


There is possible to buy Varioklav 75 in Estonia? Indrek Ruubas


I have a problem with my raypa AES 110. I have a problem with the resistances (the resistance are broken) and i changed them all . Then, the...

Technical Manager

we need service manual for model ELV 3870.

Varioklav steam sterillizer Brain-dead

Dear Sir / Madam, We have a new Varioklav steam sterillizer that has not been used, but sat in storage for 10 years. The model is: Varioklav...

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