Systec D Series

Horizontal front loading bench-top autoclaves

Series Models: D-23, D-45, D-65, D-90, D-100, D-150, D-200

Integra Biosciences MEDIACLAVE

The MEDIACLAVE product range allows the rapid and gentle sterilisation of 1 – 30 L culture medium.


PRO Scientific Saniclave 102

The FDA approved Saniclave 102 fashioned with a simple push button operation is great for cleaning our generator probes. The thermally protective

PRO Scientific Saniclave 200

The Saniclave 200 meets all requirements of the most stringent of autoclave standards. This American made sterilizer is one of the newest FDA listed

Systec D2D Series

Double-door autoclave for use in biological safety laboratories, clean rooms and production facilities.

Series Models: D2D-90, D2D-150, D2D-200

Julabo Berghof Pressure Reactors

BR High Pressure Reactors    High pressure reactors capable of 200 bar to 300 °C in SS316 TL or Hastelloy or 230 °C with SS316 Tl PTFE

Series Models: BR-100, BR-1000, BR-25, BR-300, BR-4000

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Electrocuting error

Hello. We have an autoclave , model AES -75, Stericlav 75. manufactured by Raypa espania The problem is that, one day after we finished the...

tuttnauer 55 door seal failure

Door seal malfunctioning

tuttnauer 55 sevice manual

Please could somebody help me with a link to the service manual of the Tuttnauer 55

operators manual

We just found a Napco 8000 DES in a retiring scientists lab.  It seems to work but has no operating instructions/manual.  Could anyone...

Heating problem

Hi, I have a Accu Sterilizer AS12 autoclave and on any cycle I have a heating problem. When the temperature reach 90 degres or so, a valve...

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