Julabo Berghof Pressure Reactors

BR High Pressure Reactors    High pressure reactors capable of 200 bar to 300 °C in SS316 TL or Hastelloy or 230 °C with SS316 Tl PTFE

Series Models: BR-100, BR-1000, BR-25, BR-300, BR-4000

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Questions for Autoclaves

Sterilemax Autoclave not Draining

The unit gets up to temperature and pressure fine and is able to complete the sterilization exposure phase. However, following venting, the pressure...

System Startup Calibration Error

I have an AS12 VWR Autoclave that reads System Startup Calibration Error when I turn on the equipment. How can i eliminate that error?

Pressure Problem

Hello there, I have the same model autoclave, and just last Friday one of my cycles halted about an hour and a half into the cycle. I noticed...

QA Coordinator

Hello,  I have this same autoclave the Model # is AS-12:58939-952 Serial # 1278080398134.    I need a new gasket ...

Reaching Temperature

I have a Sterilemax series 1277 that seems to go through the motions but does not reach proper temp. It fills fine and it starts it's cycle but after...

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