BV Thermal Systems Laboratory Chiller

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

Laboratory Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are portable, convenient, whisper quiet and designed, engineered and manufactured for reliable and

BV Thermal Systems Liquid Heat Exchanger

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

The Liquid Heat Exchanger is designed for highly efficient heat transfer by providing closed loop circulation of temperature controlled coolant.

BV Thermal Systems Rackmount Chiller

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

The BV Thermal Systems Rack-Mounted Chiller offers continuous cooling with a temperature range from +5° to +35°C. Featuring an easy front fill

BV Thermal Systems Benchtop Chiller

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

Benchtop Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are portable, whisper quiet, economical and environmentally friendly.

Thermo Scientific Precision Shaking Water Bath

Found In: Water Baths

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ shaking water baths support a range of sensitive life science and QA/QC applications

Thermo Scientific Precision General Purpose Bath

Found In: Water Baths

Support a wide range of applications with Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ general purpose water baths

Thermo Scientific Precision Circulating Water Bath

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ circulating water baths are ideal when temperature uniformity and control are particularly critical

Julabo Corio

Found In: Circulators / Chillers

This Product Has Been Discontinued

tecaLAB ICE-160 Electric Ice Tray

Found In: Dry Baths

Ideal for life science researchers and other laboratory applications, tecaLAB™ Electric Ice Tray is an affordable option for easy bench top

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Cooling is not happening

Hello,  We do have ploystat CC1 Chiller( SNr:58212/04) using laser cooling purpose. we entered setup value 20 degrees but some other reason...

hot water bath for melting chocolate

A.o.a, Dear sir/madam  i want to know about hot water i need water bath for chocolate melting if you have kindly send qoutation 


Can you help me with that?  Thank you very much


Hello, Could you help me and send me the manual and the certificate of  Brookfield TC 602 D in french. Thank you for your help...

The temperature is not going down

Hello there, So now, I’m using the chiller mentioned for my final year project. And I use 50% ethylene glycol as the coolant. However, the...

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