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Questions for Centrifuge

21 R error 24

Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro  21R Microcentrifuge error 24 at power up. Are there any fixes besides replacing the...

error 6 Centrige Eppendorf 5415R

Hello, I work at the maintenance office and I have a problem with the Epp 5415R centrifuge. During the start of a spin cycle, I get error 6 and the...

error 6 and speed dial knob

Error 6 appears upon starting the spin or as soon as it reaches set speed. Also, the speed knob needs to be turned slowly to ensure you reach your...

service manual eppendorf mini spin 5453

I need the service manual for this model: is a service manual Eppendorf mini spin 5453, Tony


After closing the cover and set the unit for operation, error 3 message shown in the display

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