Centurion Scientific K3 series

The K3 Series is Centurion’s flagship line of centrifuges with up to 1 liter capacity, 15,000 rpm, 22,000 G, and a two-year warranty. These

Series Models: K2015, K2015R, K241, K241R, K243, K243R

Centurion Scientific 1030

CENTURION 1030 is a Small Cytology Centrifuge

Centurion Scientific CW12

The Centurion CW12 Cell Washing System can simplify work and save time in the washing of blood cells for antiglobulin reagent tests.

Centurion Scientific CYT Series

The CYT04 Cytology Centrifuge with Seal in Lid System and LED display comes complete with 4 place rotor and starter pack.

Series Models: CYTO4, CYT12

Centurion Scientific K2 Series

K3 Series Centrifuges are available in Ambiant and Refrigerated models.

Series Models: K241, K241R, K243, K243R, K2015, K2015R

Centurion Scientific C2 Series Centrifuges

C2 Series of Centrifuges are Laboratory Work Horses

Series Models: C2012, C2004, C2006, C2015, C2041, CR2000

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