IEC Centra MP4 / MP4R

IEC Centra-MP4R Refrigerated High speed Table Top Centrifuge.

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Questions for Centrifuge

Invalid set speed

When I turn on the centrifuge, it shows "Invalid Set Speed". It displays 79,299RPM, but I cannot over-write it. Now the door cannot be...

Drive error

Our Beckman Avanti J-25 centrifuge stops working. The machine immediately beeps and "drive" light comes on when we press start.

Main drive will not start

I have an L8-55 beckman that the other day decided it will no longer spin. You set up a run and hit auto run and the LED flashes above the auto...

Parts source for 5424R

Attempting to source main PCB, p/n: 32976.   Unit blows fuses when switched on even with all components disconnected from board.  No...

Vacuum Issue

Hello,   I am having an issue with the ultracentrifuge in our lab. When the temperature is set to 4c, the vacuum fails to fall below...

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