Tomos MiniMax17

Elegant design, high standard laboratory design    Maximum capacity: 24*1.5/2ml centrifuge tubes    Max RCF 17,100 x g   

Tomos MultiStar21

High speed micro-centrifuge range is widely used in biology and chemistry analysis, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, clinical labs and

Tomos MiniStar plus

Elegant design, high standard laboratory design    Maximum capacity: 12*1.5/2ml centrifuge tubes    Max RCF 14,000 x g   

Tomos MiniStar

MiniStar Centrifuge is a classic American design of the individual mini-centrifuge, the history of the United States has more than 20 years, is the

Tomos SuperStar

SuperStar Centrifuge is a innovational American design of the individual mini-centrifuge,is the world's first personal mini-centrifuge, Power supply

Tomos Miniboy

An economic small-sized benchtop centrifuge suitable for many applications including quick spindowns from walls or caps of centrifuge tubes,

Tomos Super MiniStar Micro

Easy-to-use dual start/stop functions - control starting and stopping with power button or by opening and closing the lid.

Tomos Mobile Mini

It is supplied with rotors and adapters to Accommodate 2ml, 1.5 ml, and 0.5 ml tubes as well as 0.2 ml strips and individual tubes. The angle rotor

Tomos PrimeSepra

PrimeSepra Clinical centrifuge is ideal for separation of serum, plasma, urea, blood samples and other routine applications in hospital and research

Tomos 2-12B Hematocrit

2-12B Hematocrit Centrfiuge is used for determination of volume fractions of erythrocytes in blood and also for separation of micro blood and

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Questions for Centrifuge

Replacing bearings

I am trying to replace bearings in 5415R but the motor housing is hold together by several atypical bolts (protruding flat cap).Does anyone know how...

Need Frequency Converter PC Board

We have an '03 5810 centrifuge that needs a new PC board. Looking for a last shred of hope before biting the bullet and purchasing new centrifuge...


Need support to solve the LID ERROR 4.7 problem. Manual says carry out MAINS RESET and can not find the procedure to do that

eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service...

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3.   Does anybody know of a vendor for Eppendorf parts other than the OEM?

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